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1.Identification of Substance/Preparation and Company
Product name : SP 4000
Main use : Raw material for industrial use
Company : Starlite Paints 
137, Tribhuvan Industrieal Estate, Road No.11,
Kathwada G.I.D.C., Ahmedabad, Gujarat(India).
Telephone : +91-79-22901206, Telefax : +91-79-22900119 
2. Composition / Information on ingredients
Alkyd Resin : Soya Fatty Acid Short Oil Alkyd
Solvant Xylene : 1330 – 20 - 7
Solant M – Xylene : 30 ±
Subtance : Phthalocyanine
3. Hazards identification
Flammable (IMCOCLASS III) Harmful by Inhalation & In Skin Contact
4. First Aid measures
Eye contact : May cause temporary irritation.
Irrigate with water for 15 minutes holding eyelid open.
Seek immediate medical attention.
Skin contact : Prolonged contact may cause irritation.
Remove contaminated clothing.
Wash thoroughly with soap and water.
Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.
Inhalation of vapour : Remove to fesh air.
In serve cases seek medical attention.
Ingestion : May cause nausea.
Seek immediate medical attention.
Do not include vomiting.