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 Water Reducible Paint is a fine particle size, surfactant stabilised acrylic copolymer dispersion.

 Water Reducible Paint was developed as a binder for high performance, corrosion resistant metal Primers, high gloss topcoats and direct to metal finishies.


 Water Reducible Paint is Suitable for a range of metal coatings.

 Water Reducible Paint offers excellent adhesion to various metals and a high level of corrosion and humidity resistance.

 Water Reducible Paint is also recommended for the formulation of high gloss topcoats with excellent UV and chemical resistance.

 Water Reducible Paint requires the use of coalescing solvents such as Butyl Diglycol, Butyl Glycol or Dowanol DPM to achieve good low temperature film formation and quick drying properties.

 Thickeners such as Natrosol Plus 330 and HEUR types such as Collacral PU85 give good results with SP 6026.


Total Solids (%) Viscosity @ 23oC 45.0 – 47.0
Brookfield RVT 2/20         
Poise 0.5 – 15 
mPa.s 50 – 1500
pH 7.5 - 9.0


Specific Gravity Emulsion 1.035
Resin       1.080
Minimum Film Forming Temperature (oC) 23 approx.  
Particle size (micron) 0.1 approx.
The above data represents typical values obtained with different batches of Water Reducible Paint.

All information is correct at the date of publication and is given in good faith but without warranty.

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1. Fire fighting measures

Hazards during fire-fighting The product is water based and is not combustible.

2. Accidental release measures

Personal protection

Refer to Section 8.

Environmental precautions

Prevent product entering soil, natural waters and drains.

Method for cleaning and taking up

Large spillages should be contained and pumped into a receiving vessel.


Small spillages should be absorbed on inert absorbant. For disposal methods refer to Section 13.

3. Handling and storage


No special precautions necessary.

Observe good housekeeping practice.

Keep workplace well ventilated.


Store between +5°C and +35°C protected from frost and direct sunlight.

Do not use storage vessels or pipework made of aluminium, copper or their alloys.

Detailed advise on storage systems can be provided. Bulk tanks should be regularly cleaned and sterillised.

4. Exposure controls / personal protection

General protective measures

The product may contain low levels of volatile organic Compounds or ammonia which may evaporate during application and drying.

Advice on system design

Provide good general ventilation in the workplace. Where the productis dried or sprayed, local extraction is recommended.

Components with workplace parameters

none according to EU directive 2007/54/EC

Personal protective equipment

Respiratory protection If spraying product without local exhaust ventilation, wear a normal dust mask.
Hand protection

Impermeable gloves recommended.

Eye protection

Eye protection recommended.

Skin protection

In case of severe splashing wear water overalls and boots. Wash with soap and water after handling. 

Hygiene measures

Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling product.

5. Physical and chemical properties

Physical form





Faint ester

Flash point

Not applicable

Vapour pressure

23 hPa@20°C

Relative density


Solubility in water

Insoluble but miscible in all proportions




100-1500 mpa s

6. Stability and reactivity

The product is stable under recommended storage conditions-see Section 7
Incompatible materials


7. Toxicological information

The product experience of this product type indicates no danger to health when properly handled under industrial conditions.

8. ecological information


DOC elimination after 2 days (OECD302B): 98%

The product can be virtually eliminated from water by abiotic process, e.g. adsorption onto activated sludge.


No evidence for bioaccumulation.

Ecotoxic effects

The product is not classified as for the Environment.

9. Disposal considerations

Waste product should not be discharged directly into drains or waterways without treatment.


Disposal of product and packaging should always comply with local and national regulations.


Waste water containing product should be treated in a separations.

EU Waste code number

No waste code Number available.

10. Transport information

The product is not classified as Dangerous for Carriage.

11. Regulatory information


Not subject to labeling.

National regulations :  
India : Water hazard class

WGK = 1

Information given in this Material Safety Data Sheet does not constitute the user’s own workplace risk assessment.

12. Other information

The information given here is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate and is provided solely for making safety assessments. It is not a sales specification or an indication or an indication of suitability for a particular use.